To: Honolulu ARRL ARES and ARRL Section Appointees:

Please welcome Stacy Holbrook (KH6OWL) as a new PIO (Public Information Officer) to the ARRL Section for Oahu.  For several years Stacy has been running personal web pages, blogs and Facebook pages in support of Amateur Radio.  He has agreed to lend his skills to the ARRL Section.

Attached is a short position description of Stacy’s work for the Pacific Section, Honolulu Districts.  On the Big Island, Russ Roberts (KH6JRM) has agreed to lead the effort for Hawaii County.  Russ has been at it for years and is helping us develop the Oahu plan.

This is an opportunity for us to make our activities known to the general public.  Stacy can accept emails about club meetings, training classes, ARES activities and other Amateur Radio events; then edit them into form for release to the Oahu media.  It will simplify the process for all of us.

In the future if you have an event that you feel would be of interest to the general public, please consider communicating the rough outline to Stacy. Amateurs on Oahu do a lot for the community that we can do a better job of communicating.

Best 73 de Joe/AH0A ARRL SM