The EARC HI held its monthly meeting on 20 SEP 16. The topic of the meeting was show and tell.  Prior to the meeting 6 hams were tested for a license or an upgrade and 5 of the 6 passed. Congratulations to the new hams and to the ones whom upgraded.

The Section Manager (SM) Joe stated that he has a class of 4 that will take the final exam and license on 8 OCT. This class has been on board the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor. That would be a great story to tell when someone asked where you got your license. Joe also mentioned that the test will be open to others and he has some whom have signed up to test. Joe is looking for a VE Team to help administer the exam. If you are free at noon on the 8th and can get access to Ford Island please let us know.

Steve will start a new license class on the 3 OCT and stated he has 10 signed up and has room for 10 more. Please contact Steve Kawamae, KH6WG by email at skawamae@gmail.com

The show and tell portion was led by Steve who demonstrated how to design items and using a 3D printer to make them. He had a few things he had made and one was a painters point end that could be used for antennas or any other imaginal item. He had mounted a speaker on a pole for the demonstration.

The next club meeting for the EARC will be on October 18th at the fleet reserve association. The meeting will be to elect new officers and is open to the public. If you are member you will be allowed to register and vote. Please arrive between 6 and 7 PM so you can pre register and then the meeting will start at 7 PM. More information can be found at http://www.earchi.org

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