Pearl Harbor Hawaii, Ford Island.


The Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) in Honolulu, an ARRL affiliated club, held the first ever-Amateur radio class and test session aboard the USS Missouri. The class culminated with a test session on October the 8th, 2016 in the Ship’s Chapel. The 5 week class covered electronics and radio operations and a tour of the KH6BB Radio Station aboard Mighty Mo.

We are happy to report eight persons passed the FCC Exam and will be granted Amateur Radio Licenses to operate on the appropriate bands for the licenses they achieved. All eight tested for the entry-level exam, Technician, and two of the eight took the exam for the General, or mid level, and passed. A four-person ARRL Volunteer Exam team administered the exams.

We had people testing for a myriad of reasons. A husband and wife team, Matt and Tricia Daniel, that live aboard the Sailing Vessel Tumbleweed travel the world and wanted a way to stay in touch by sending and receiving emails while in the middle of the Ocean. Yes you can do that with Amateur Radio. We had four military personnel who wanted to get their license so they would be better at their jobs. One YL (ham abbreviation for Young Lady) military dependent had always wanted to do it and thought it would be fun. And finally a young teenager who worked on a project in Alaska that Amateur Radio did with Satellites. He wanted in on the fun! Yes with Amateur Radio you can talk thorough Satellites as well as with the astronauts on the International Space Station.

VE Team: Stephen Kawamae, KH6WG, Ed Stanwood, KH6GMB, Darrell Omuro, KH6XL, and Stacy Holbrook, KH6OWL.


Husband and wife, Matt and Tricia Daniel, took the Technician and General Exams. They sail around the world and wanted to be able to send and receive emails on the Amateur Radio Single Sideband Radio System aboard the Sailing Vessel Tumbleweed.

Test in process.jpg

Volunteer Examiners in the foreground and four of the new Amateur Radio Licensee taking their exams.