From: Roland Smith K7OJL


For the next couple of weeks I’m going to host a net on the BYU-H repeater on both Sunday evening at 9pm and Wednesday evening at 9pm. I’d invite you who have licenses to check into either or both of the nets.

If you know of an amateur radio operator in the area not on this email, please forward the email to them and copy me.

Those that don’t have a license but have a radio, please listen in and send me an email!

The BYU-H repeater transmits on a frequency of 145.290 MHz. That’s the frequency that should be programmed into your radio with a positive ‘-‘ offset of 0.600 MHz. If your programming calls for both a receive and a transmit frequency, put 145.290 in the transmit frequency and 144.690 as the receive frequency along with a 123.0 PL tone.

Set your HT to receive 145.290 and to transmit at 144.690 (or with a -0.600 offset).

The first net will be tomorrow, Sunday October 30, 2016 at 9pm. I will call again on Wednesday, November 2nd at 9pm. Please join either or both nets!

The purposes of this net is to:

  1. To exercise the repeater and verify its operation and reach. Several modifications and upgrades are planned over the next while and this provides a way to verify the operation and where it can be heard and reached.
  1. To provide local amateur radio operators the ability to test and verify their equipment and setup.
  1. To provide local news and information about ham radio related events in the area and on the island.
  1. To provide an opportunity to discover other local amateur radio operators and to get to know each other.

I’ve sent this email to people that I know about, but there are probably another dozen people that will want to know about and/or participate. Please forward this email to anyone you think should get it, and please copy me on that email so I can include them on future emails.


Elder Roland Smith K7OJL
Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center