As the ARRL pushes to increase the number of younger operators I found this nice youtube video that shows a lot of young people have not heard of our great hobby.

The average age of radio operators in the United States is 61 and less than 15% of current members of the ARRL are under the age of 45.

KH6OWL working Satellites from Hawaii


Nat Geo Mission to Mars

There are so many aspects of ham radio that I believe younger people would enjoy. From talking to the ISS or through Satellites  to working digital modes. They may even enjoy Morse code. (You don’t have to know morse code to get a license today.)

Morse Code (CW) Keyer

The first thing that we must do it to introduce amateur radio to the masses, but how do we do that?

1. Attend community events and set up displays and hands on activities.
2. Newspapers, radios, and TV media can be helpful but it hard to gain entry into those outlets.
3. Talk to schools to try to start a club or do a presentation.

The first thing is we have to change the mindset of the older operators to want them to get involved with younger people in order to make sure they are welcome in the hobby.