At recent club meetings, several members have told us that they are not receiving the monthly ARRL SM reports by email.

Below is a description of how to opt-in to the automatic receipt of the monthly email.  If you confirm that your profile already is set to receive it and you are sure you are not receiving it PLEASE email me so we can follow up with the ARRL to try to fix any email list problems.

The ability to receive the reports is an opt-in choice for ARRL members.  To select it, first login to your membership profile on the ARRL web site at, enter you call sign and password.  If you haven’t yet created an online account, there is a REGISTER link to establish one.image 1.png

This logs onto the ARRL membership database and displays an option allowing editing of your profile.  Click on EDIT YOUR PROFILE.


The Account information page is displayed with a link to the EDIT EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS.  Click on it.


To receive monthly emails, select the box to opt-in for NEWS AND INFORMATION FROM YOUR DIVISION AND SECTION . . . .

Image 4.png

If you miss a monthly email, they are archived on the Hawaii Section web site at


Aloha es 73 de Joe/AH0A