You can find a list of shelters and if they are pet friendly and Special Needs Shelters at this link.

Not all shelters will be open so listen to the Radio for information.

How to determine if you should shelter-in-place (at home) or evacuate (to a hurricane evacuation shelter):

1,  If you live near the coastline, near rivers and stream beds, or on the mountain ridge line, you should evacuate
2.  If your house was built before 1993 and is constructed of wood, you should evacuate
3.  If you live in a house constructed after 1993 and have an interior room on a lower floor, with no windows (closet, bathroom) you should shelter-in-place

1.Stay on the lowest floor possible, and look for a closet, bathroom, or other room with no windows on the interior of your house or apartment
2.  Bring your food, pets, family, and preparedness supplies into the room and remain in there
3.  Take your radio with you so you know when conditions have improved enough for you to leave your sheltering room

1. KSSK AM 590 khz
2. KRTR-FM 96.3 mhz


KQNG-FM 93.5 mhz


KMVI-AM 550 khz

Hawaii LP1

KHLO-AM (Hilo) 850 khz
KKBG-FM (Hilo) 97.9 mhz
KLEO-FM (Kona) 106.1 mhz

Hawaii LP2

KPUA-AM (Hilo) 670 khz
KWXX-FM (Hilo) 94.7 mhz
KAOY-FM (Kona) 106.1 mhz
Department of Emergency Management Evacuate
State Civil Defense Website Link