American Radio Relay League (ARRL)                                                December 1, 2016

Jim Andrews, call sign KH6HTV, will be visiting from Maui in January 2017 and will be presenting a presentation to the Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) on an Amateur, Hi-Definition, Digital TV system.  The meeting will take place on January 17, 2017 at 7 PM. The location of the meeting will be at the Fleet Reserve Association Branch 46, 891 Valkenburgh St, Honolulu, HI 96818. The meeting is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Jim will discuss his experiences using TV Communications for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) in Boulder County, Colorado since the 1990’s. TV has been the most requested service they provide. This system has proved to be an economical and reliable solution for over-the-air video transmissions for the radio amateur.

The presentation will be Power Point (PPT) based and Jim will also bring a working portable (“backpack’) camera system to demonstrate the system at the EARC meeting.

Jim is a retired electronics engineer and IEEE Fellow. He has a BS, MS and PhD degrees in EE from the University of Kansas and has worked for the National Bureau of Standards where he received several patents. He worked in the French national telephone labs, CNET in 1971-72 at the birth of fiber optics for telecom. In 1980, he left NBS and founded Picosecond Pulse Labs. Picosecond is a high-tech company specializing in ultra-fast risetime, pulse and pattern generators.

In 2011, Jim started a small business, KH6HTV VIDEO, to design, build and sell Pre-Amps, TV Transmitters and RF Linear Power Amplifiers for the amateur radio market. He offers equipment for the 70cm, 33cm and 23cm bands.

Jim and his wife Janet are retired “snowbirds” who spend summers in Boulder and the winters in Maui, Hawaii. Jim is a member of both the Boulder and Maui ham clubs.

Jim can be reached at

A June 2015 QST article overviews the system and can be found at: