Story to follow but wanted to get the photos out for all to see some of those who helped with the Marathon for 2016. All in all, 35 Hams helped out.

wh6etf-aid-station-9 Brandon Nuss, WH6ETF @ Aid Station 9

robert-verner-wh7rgvSitting in Yellow shirt is Robert Verner, WH7RGV, In the safety vest is Hans Kashiwabara, KH7GN

rick-kh6om-call-in-as-the-runner-past-by-himRick Kimitsuka, KH6OM

radio-equipment-in-coms-connectionHam Equipment at the Main Medical Tent

img_1334Glenn Martinez, AH6VF, Main Medical Tent

gloria-kh6gloGloria Hall, KH6GLO, at Aid Station 5

front-left-to-right-rick-kh6om-dana-wh6god-clem-kh7ho-with-me-calling-in-the-first-wheel-chair-inFront left to right – Rick Kimitsuka (KH6OM), Dana Pagalaboyd (WH6GOD) & Clem Jung (KH7HO) with Clem calling in an update

front-left-to-right-rick-kh6om-dana-wh6god-clem-kh7hoFront left to right – Rick (KH6OM), Dana (WH6GOD) & Clem (KH7HO)

glenn-ah6vf-at-315-am-heading-to-med-tent-set-upGlenn, AH6VF at 3:15 AM heading to set up at the Main Medical Tentimg_1332 Glenn, AH6VF, Main Medical Tent

clem-kh7ho-calling-in-a-reportClem Jung, KH7HO Calling in a Report

img_1349Interface with Honolulu Police Department