JIM/ANCHOR: The 44th running of the Honolulu Marathon this month had the power of radio to keep them on the move. The Honolulu Marathon on December 11th wasn’t just a feat of endurance for the more than 30,000 runners. The hams who provided communications and safety for the race’s 44th running also went the distance in their own way. According to the ARRL Pacific Section, radio operators went on the air as early as 4 a.m. and some stayed on the air for as many as 18 hours for this, the fourth largest marathon in the U.S.
With Net Control operated by Ralph Toyama NH6PY, 35 hams operated on both 2 meters and 70 centimeters. Some were also on the air using 800 MHz digital radios – nonamateur radios but nonetheless crucial in providing those links to aid stations, medical teams, transportation vehicles and police.
Hams were also at the finish line, feeling just as victorious as if they’d run the race themselves which, in a way, they did.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2043 for December 23, 2016