The Great Aloha Run (GAR) has accomplished and achieved many milestones in its 32-year history. It was the first largest first-time running event in the State of Hawaii with over 12,000 individuals signing up for the event in its very first year. The Great Aloha Run has also been recognized nationally as one of the top “100 Great Road Races” by Runner’s World Magazine.

Aloha Stadium, Aiea, HI


The GAR, an 8.15-mile foot race, begins at Aloha Tower and finishes inside Aloha Stadium and is held each year on President’s Day, this year that is February 20, 2017. The event has a lot of volunteers and more are needed. We would like ot thank the following hams for volunteering their time and giving back to their community.

Command group (GAR Command Center – Aloha Stadium)
NCS – Jona Sing, NH6UO
Asst. NCS –
Coordinator – Adrian DiTucci KH7GK

Start Line – Nimitz/Bishop – Aloha Tower Marketplace
1. Darrell – KH6XL
2. Alexander Stengel – KH7CX
3. Clem Jung – KH7HO

Aid Station 1 – Pu’uhale Elementary School Contact: Eddie Kealanahele

1. Lovell Kaopua – AH6LL
2. Calvin – WH6EKO
3. Frencha – WH6EKP

Aid Station 2 Nimitz/Pu’uloa Road)  Contact:  Warren Hiramoto.

1. Ray Moody – AH6LT
2. Lynn – WH6ERV
Aid Station 3 (Nimitz/Valkenberg)  Contact:  Olga Goo.
1. Evan Esaki – WH6ECG
2. John Esaki

Aid Station 4 (Kamehameha Hwy/Halawa Gate Contact:  Deana Sueoka.

1. Dennis – KH7MU
2. Vera – WH6ERP

Stadium Entrance

1. James – W8JVF
2. Chuck Cordill – WH6ESU

North Tunnel Entrance

1. Zeph McNaughton – NH7WAP
2. Steve Kawamae – KH6WG

Stadium Ring Road

1. Ryan Ueoka – AH6BZ
2. Judy Ueoka – KH6JU

Main Medical – This position involves being with Dr. Ben Chun on the stadium floor Main Medical

1. Elsie Watanabe
2. Colin Watanabe
3. Caitlyn Watanabe
4. Erika Watanabe

All stations should report the numbers of first THREE (3) male, first THREE (3) female and when wheelchair participants as they pass your location. The lead unit of Sounds of Freedom (military units) should also be reported.

Operators at each station should report bib numbers of participants who drop out from exhaustion or injury.  Event official records all incidents no matter how minor it may seem.

Thank you to NH6UO,  Jona Sing, for coordinating the Radio Operators for this event. Jona can be reached at 808 753-5046 or by email at

More information about the Great Aloha Run please visit the rcce website. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jona.