After nine years of tireless, dedicated effort by Barbara Darling, NH7FY, on the Big Island, the Hawaii QSL Bureau is in the process of moving to Oahu and the new manager will be Ned Conklin, KH7JJ.  Along with the move, some procedures for handling QSLs will need to change, as the overall ARRL QSL Bureau system has been running at a substantial loss in recent years.  Basically we will be returning to a fully account-based (or envelope-based) system, and cards for hams without accounts/envelopes will not be guaranteed to be delivered.  One exception to this is that we plan to retain the system of intermediate deliveries via clubs.  Participating clubs will have a designated manager who will arrange to accept bulk deliveries of cards for club members and deliver them internally.

The QSL bureau move is not complete, and details as to exact procedures to be followed will be forthcoming at a later date.


A special thanks to both Barbara and Ned for doing this important and time consuming job.

Please contact Ned for the Overall Guidelines for the QSL Bureau and Club Participation at the QSL Bureau.