Saturday March 18, 2017. Oahu, HI

2017 Powder Horn, Thanks to the event coordinator, Mrs. Kwock, for inviting Amateur Radio to present to the Scouts. The Ventures and Explorer Scouts were broken up into several groups. Each group stopped by and amateur radio was introduced to about 40 scouts throughout the day.

2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_11VHF, UHF, HF, and simplex vs. repeater communications were a few of the presentations given to the groups. Some items that were discussed were what is a radio wave and how time and frequency are related into producing a signal. The operators discussed the US Frequency spectrum and the FCC as the governing body. Also they discussed community service and how amateur radio supports the community in times of need.

We had some participation from some of the scouts and leaders. As to be expected it was a case or mic fright but some of the scouts started to warm up to the idea and got on the radio.

2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_20Steve, KH6WG, used his HF Go Kit to show the scouts how it is possible to send email messages using RMS Express and Winmore. To show how it works the operators took down several email addresses from the scouts and sent a message. A few minutes later they received the emails that were sent.

2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_05

2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_02
Steve, KH6WG

Steve KH6WG Showing HF Go Kit and sending email message using RMS Express and Winmore.

2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_18
Larry, KI6BDS

Special thanks to Larry Peterson – KI6BDS for being prepared with his own HT and demonstration

Special thanks to Evan Esaki, WH6ECG, for being the operator in the Repeater test.


2017 Scouts Hoomaluhia_13
Darrell, KH6XL

Darrell, KH6XL, going over VHF simplex & repeater operations with assistance from Evan, WH6ECG.

This event supported the ARRL’s STRATEGIC PLAN 2016-2020 by supporting two of the six goals.

-GOAL 1: Grow Amateur Radio worldwide.

-GOAL 4: Advance Amateur Radio science and technology.

Stacy Holbrook
ARRL Public Information Officer – Honolulu