Hawaii (Big Island) 4 June 2017.

Sean is Hawaii’s recent gain from Colorado where he graduated in 1995 in Engineering, from the Colorado School of Mines with an electrical specialty.

His career has covered designing, testing, certifying, and overseeing initial installation of a wide variety of last mile and T1 channel bank telephony communications equipment, including custom installations of extremely rugged and remote computer and digital communications equipment.     

He continues his engineering career remotely from paradise working for Loop Labs, Inc. in Colorado.

His Amateur Radio career has involved him in emergency communications since 2012 as an active member of ARES, DERA (Disaster Emergency Relief Association) and other organizations.  His engineer skills were put to good use in the maintenance and operation of a mobile communications trailer station for Rocky Mountain Ham.

Sean is on the cutting edge of Amateur Radio Digital Communications having installed and managed a private moderate distance (~19 km) point to point digital microwave network over Hawaii terrain.  He is currently working on an HF Winlink server for the Bif Island and has a project to build VHF modems out of low cost Raspberry-Pi computers for Hawaii hams. More on that latter . . .

Sean, welcome to the Pacific Section ARRL organization!