Honolulu, HI – Magic Island

The Hawaii Geek Meet is a fun, casual, family-friendly, grassroots gathering for people who are curious and have a passion that they love to share. And we use a very inclusive, positive definition of the word “geek.” Gadget lovers, coders, designers, makers, artists… and you!

The 2017 Geek Meet will be held on Sunday July 2, 2017, 9 AM to 3 PM

From one of the founders, Ryan Ozawa, KH6WEB, “Ham radio has been a part of this event every year, from the very beginning… sometimes a full outreach and long-range ops tent, and sometimes it’s Ralph Miranda, (WH7PD) and his wife Linda and a mobile rig.”

The Hawaii Geek Meet is literally a “grassroots gathering” for creative and curious people of all ages.

When the first Hawaii Geek Meet was held, local tech events were few and far between, and most were conventional conferences and meetings in hotel ballrooms and classrooms. Gatherings were usually all business, meant only for grown ups. As geeks in Hawaii, and as geeky parents, we knew we could do more.

Inspired by the Maker Faire, which had just been held for the first time in San Francisco, we envisioned an open, outdoor, family-friendly celebration of science, technology, and creativity.

Everyone is a geek about something, and the Hawaii Geek Meet brings together people of all kinds. Our definition of success is a fun, inclusive event where passionate people with unique talents, skills, and interests can come together to share their stories, learn new things, and collaborate to create something new.

This has always been a grass-roots (literally) community event. There’s no need to “staff a booth” or have fliers or presentations at the ready (although if you have such things, they’re more than welcome!). We encourage participants to think of it as a potluck picnic for each individual group — with all the camaraderie, shop talk, food and fresh air that would come with it — but it will also be a picnic at which every tent around you is another cool club or group to meet, make friends with, and share some show-and-tell.

And we use a very inclusive, positive definition of the word “geek.” Gadget lovers, tech heads, makers, artists, coders, entrepreneurs, teachers… past years have seen costumed storm troopers checking out solar telescopes, armored knights swordfighting in the shadow of a towering amateur radio antenna, and drone pilots building toy payloads out of LEGO. App developers have found beta testers, ham radio enthusiasts have recruited new students, and everyone’s young geeky kids have made lifelong friends.

For specific and focused local groups, the Hawaii Geek Meet is a great excuse to see old friends and catch up on the latest tips and trends. But at the same time, the idea of Hawaii Geek Meet is to mix and mingle with other brilliant people, people you might never meet in your own circles, but people with whom we’d bet you’d get along smashingly.

For more information about the Geek Meet please visit the website at http://www.hawaiigeek.com or contact Ryan Ozawa at ryanozawa@gmail.com