For those of us who have pets, they are just a part of our family as our kids and spouses are. During a disaster or emergency the Hawaiian Humane Society will open certain shelters and some of those shelters will be designated as pet shelters.



Pet shelters are in separate rooms or buildings on public school campuses where emergency shelters for people are. The animals will be cared for by Humane Society volunteers. Click here for find the closest pet shelter to your location. In the event of a disaster, listen to radio or television broadcasts to find out if your nearest shelter will open. Depending on the nature of the emergency, not all shelters may open.

The latest periodical put out by the Hawaiian Humane Society honoring Volunteers mentions Wes Koga (WH6EUG) and Richard Kimitsuka (KH6OM) as volunteers in Animal Shelter Management and Ham Radio Communication.

Page 4, of the Hawaiian Humane Society Newlester,  “Volunteers needed for pet emergency shelters” describes Richard Kimitsuka, KH6OM, a retired school teach and amateur radio operated attended a recent training in order to support windward Oahu communications through his own radio system. Should internet and electricity be absent in the event of a a disaster, Richard can relay messages on his airwaves to support the Society’s pet disaster shelter.

Wes Koga, WH6EUG, stands ready to assist a shelter if called to duty. He also educates the public on behalf of the Society about disaster readiness at events around the island. “Being an ambassador for readiness now is just as important as running a shelter,” says Koga. “Should a disaster strike, there’s going to be no greater reward than to be there for pet owners in need.”

You can view the article here.

To get involved visit the to learn more about upcoming trainings. The events will include in-perwson meetings with instructors and other volunteers. Interested volunteers may contact to get involved.