Honolulu, HI 2 July 2017

In the middle of Honolulu, to out left was the Waikiki Yacht Club and Ala Was Boat Harbor, to the right was the beach, and in front was the ocean. Location, Location, Location!  Amateur Radio was in the center of the crowd on Sunday and had a great showing at the 10th Annual Geek Meet. The event was held on Sunday July 2nd, 2017 at Magic Island in downtown Honolulu.

ARRL Pacific Section and EARC HI Club Tent
We had 2 meter radios, HF radio, scanner, Handhelds, Marine Radios, Morse code, solar power, battery power and antennas at the table.

The Hawaii Geek Meet is a fun, casual, family-friendly, grassroots gathering for people who are curious and have a passion that they love to share.  For a list of the groups that participated you can view the Geek Meet website.

The EARCH HI Club and the Pacific Section PIO manned a both for the Geek Meet. Thanks to all the other Hams who visited, helped, supported us throughout the day. We had over 200 visitors to our booth and signed several up for possible attendance for classes.

Ralph, WH7PD,Signing interested people up for Amatuer Radio Classes.

Some people just stopped to see what we were about and some got into an in depth discussion on what we can do and how we do it. Ralph, WH7PD, and his wife Linda manned the booth all day with Stacy, KH6OWL. Other operators came by throughout the day to show there support and some stayed to help man the booth as well.

Steve and Gloria Hall. NH7ZD and KH6GLO stops by the Amatuer Radio Table at the 10th Annual Geek Meet.

The kids enjoyed do the morse code and spelling their name out. They seemed to like the old fashion key better and played with it more.


From one of the founders, Ryan Ozawa, KH6WEB, “Ham radio has been a part of this event every year, from the very beginning… sometimes a full outreach and long-range ops tent, and sometimes it’s Ralph Miranda, (WH7PD) and his wife Linda and a mobile rig.”

Raliegh, KH6EN, Ralph, WH7PD, and Wes, WH6EUG at the Geek Meet.
Wes, WH6EUG, Solar power set up at the Amatuer Radio table at the Geek Meet.

This was a great event and helped showcase what the Amateur Radio Hobby is all about. It is a hobby, not just emergency communications,  but that is a big part and we discussed that with others. QUESTIONS? Some had never heard of Amateur Radio and we got the, “Oh you guys do CB’s.?”  Negatory Big Buddy, we don’t do CB’s and we don’t have a handle but we are happy to discuss the difference between CB’s and Amateur Radio. (I actually have a CB and love them.) How far can you talk? Why not just use your cell phone? Why do you need Amateur Radio? We will never lose our cell phones or power for an extended period. What is the difference in your radio and the one in my car? Who did you vote for and what do you think about President Trump and his twitting? (I actually got asked that question.)

I hope we were able to calmly and politely discuss and answer all the questions and made everyone feel welcome to come over. We would walk out to meet them and welcome them into the tent to see if they had any questions. It was an open house and if we had candy we would have gave it out. It was FUN and great interaction with the community. We did not make any contact and honestly did not try as it was just a show and tell.  It was about making contact with the community, not contacts on the air.

Again, thanks to all who came out to  help and support your amateur radio operators and the Pacific Section of the ARRL.

I apologize in advance as I know I am going to leave someone out.

WH7PD, Ralph and Linda.
KH6OWL, Stacy
KH6EN, Raleigh
NH7ZD, Steve
KH6GLO, Gloria
N2OBM, Trent
Peter WH6FAO
Ryan, KH6WB
Eran, WH6R
Alex, KH7CX

For more information on the Geek Meet or to submit a story please send comments to KH6OWL@arrl.net.