Hawaii Huricanne

Please join us this Sunday, July 9, 2017, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon for the Makani Pahili 2017 SKYWARN “Hurricane” Net.  The following linked repeaters and HF frequency will be used for voice and Fldigi and Winlink:
– State RACES VHF/UHF: 147.060 and 444.350 both with PL 103.5 and will be linked to the DEM RACES/EARC linked repeaters
– DEM RACES/EARC linked repeaters all with PL 88.5: 146.660, 146.760 (no PL), 146.800, 146.860, 146.880, 146.980
– HF 7.080 USB
KH6SW@winlink.org for those with Winlink capability

One can send both voice and Fldigi on the linked repeaters as well as voice and Fldigi on HF.  The idea is to practice all capabilities to send a weather message.

The purpose of the communication exercise to activate the SKYWARN Quick Response Team (QRT), make sure the SKYWARN Ham station radios are working, and to encourage all Hams, you do not need to be a SKYWARN member, to participate and practice sending both voice and Fldigi weather messages and a Winlink email message.

Please listen to the preamble that will be announced by the NCS.  However, we will require when you check in to give the following information:
– Your callsign
– Your first name
– Your SKYWARN number, if you have one
– Your location
– A brief real world weather report, i.e., It is 85 degrees and sunny

Request this email be given widest distribution and be announced in various nets.

Mahalo, Clem Jung (KH7HO)
State SKYWARN Ham Coordinator