Digital Globe Network

Amateur Radio Digital Messaging for the Pacific

HAWAII EMERGENCY AMATEUR RADIO DIGITAL NETWORK INC is a domestic non – profit corporation.

Hawaii is setting up a digital network to be on line soon. It will be linked into the WINMOR system. RMS Express user software with WINMOR, a radio-email application for use with the Winlink 2000 network. If the internet goes down message will automatically send via HF to the other stations, both on and off island. The Hawaii Digital network is a 501(c)(3) so you can donate money or equipment to it and use it a tax write off. (See your accountant first for details).

MISSION: HEARDn an organization of Amateur Radio operators interested in establishing a network for digital emergency communications and related technologies.

HF Radios are on Hawaii Island (1) and Oahu (2)

But first, what is Winlink?

Winlink 2000TM ( is a worldwide system for sending and receiving e-mail over radio. The connection from the client computer to the Winlink server does not depend on the Internet; Winlink can be used by amateur radio operators in a situation where the Internet is not available.

With Winlink, you can send email messages quickly and accurately:

  • between two stations (peer-to-peer)
  • to another station that will automatically forward your email to it’s destination
  • to an Internet connection outside of a disaster zone

Many Amateur Radio emergency communications groups, including ARES, are now adopting Winlink as a standard mode for emergency communications. Here are a few examples of how you can use Winlink in a disaster:

  • Send an ICS-213 (general message form) to your County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Send “Safe and Well” messages directly to American Red Cross Internet servers for publication on the Web
  • Send and receive email for a Served Agency (in some situations, you may be able to provide a radio-Internet connection for the agency’s LAN)

Winlink in Hawaii…

About thirty active Hawaii amateur radio operators now have Winlink capability. We have two gateway (Internet-connected) station on Oahu and a Big Island gateway will be on the air soon.

ARRL/ARES leaders in the Pacific Section (including Hawaii) are working with hams like you to build our Winlink capabilities so we can better serve our communities in a disaster.

Come up on Winlink!

It’s easy to set up Winlink with your radio:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Resources menu, and select Getting Started with Winlink.
  • Check out the information about Winlink, and follow the steps to get the software, and to get it working.
  • While you are there, use the Members menu, and select Register New Member (if you haven’t already!)
  • Questions? Ask

Please note: You can get started without using your radio. If you have an Internet connection, you can simply install the software and send/receive messages using a “Telnet” connection over the Internet. This is a good way to ease into using the Winlink system.

Some good information can be found at:

What is Winlink, Youtube Video

RMS 101 Youtube Video:

Ham Radio 360:

HEARDn supports training and everyday use of digital radio communications modes available even when disasters interrupt telephone, cell phone and email services. Hawaii has many communities with no or fragile access to normal communication services. As an island state, it also has a large boating population served with HF communication in the HEARDN network. Donations will help us build out and continue to support our network.

Federal EIN #81-2446908
Hawaii State Tax ID W81508707-01