HI QSO 2017

To ALL radio amateurs:

Time to have some fun. The Hawai’i QSO Party will be held again this year in just a few days, and you’re invited. It’s time to get “radio-active”. The rules have been revised to be more in – tune with other state QSO parties, but it’s basically the same as before. Get on the air, make a bunch of QSOs, have some radio fun.

Please take a look at the web site: http://www.hawaiiqsoparty.org/

The event starts at 0400Z Aug 26 and runs through 0359Z Aug 28; That’s 48 hours total, and you can operate as much of that time as you want.

Hawaiian stations work anyone, anywhere, on any legal HF mode: CW, SSB, or any of the many digital modes. If you’re not in paradise, concentrate on working Hawai’i.

Since HI has only five counties, we’ve expanded the usual QSO party multiplier list into regions which makes this more challenging. http://hawaiiqsoparty.org/Rules/HQP/QTHIDs.html

Please note that using a spotting system is OK. The object is to work more KH6 stations and this is a very good way to find them. Please do not “self-spot”. That’s not considered good gamesmanship and could lead to a DQ.

The Hawai`i QSO Party is an event to promote HF operation from the unique Hawai`i destination in the Pacific. Hawai`i is an ARRL DXCC entity as well as the nation’s 50th state needed for the ARRL WAS Award.