Honolulu,  HI


If you follow our blog you might remember about some Marines helping out with boulder removal in Honolulu.  Well one of the ham operators in that story is in the news again. Jordon Ussel, KC3GZT, helped teach other Marines from the 3D Radio BN and 13 new Technician operators were the result.

The course was taught from 10 July to 14 July 2017 from 1 PM to 4 PM with the test at 2 PM on Friday and was held on Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

14 Marines took the test and 13 were licensed.

1 WH6FMT Agers, Jakob S
2 WH6FMU Blaido, Jonah M
3 WH6FMV Covington, Collin H
4 KN4EUI Deweese, Coner J
5 WH6FMW Duhon, Matthew L
6 WH6FMX Finnegan, Logan P
7 WH6FMY Gioscio, Joseph S
8 WH6FNA Morales, Benjamin F
9 WH6FNB Parton, Austin W
10 WH6FMZ Peyton, Michael B
11 KC3JOD Shore, Dustin R
12 WH6FNC Veeder, Cameron J
13 KN4EUJ Wright, Zachary M

The Four Volunteer Examiners, VE’s, were provided by Ray Moody, AH6LT, and his team.

Kimo and Jordon taught from the ARRL Manuel and went over a few sections each day and the Marines used a web application to study/memorize the question pool as homework each night.

Kimo and Jordon wanted  other Marines to gain interest in Amateur Radio to possibly start a club or have Marine’s join other clubs. This course would also help the Mariens become well-rounded communicator for the Marine Corps.

Thank you to those who donated the ARRL course books. The Marines received donations totaling over $200 from the following people:

Wayne Greenleaf, KH6XP
Alex Benton, KH6YY
Doug Morgan, KH6U
Kimo Chun, KH7U

Jordon said that by testing day he planned to have covered all the material and to have the students completely memorized the question pool online. If they did not then that is on them but it will be expected of them.

Ussel wanted to thank everyone so much for thier time and support. Ussel, said, “I am excited and so are a lot of Marines to see courses start on base and hopefully a club one day.”