The purpose of this year’s exercise is to assess the capability of amateur radio operators in Hawaii to provide communications in the aftermath of a tsunami resulting from a major earthquake in the Great Aleutian Tsunami. This simluation assumes disastrous damages to all four counties in the State of Hawaii. Amateur Stations will simulate reporting during Part I of the SET which runs from 08:00 to 13:00 on Oct 21st, 2017.

Part II begins is a simulated delivery of health and welfare traffic using the Red Cross “Safe and Well” website being entered by KF7RSF in Oregon. This is how hams in Puerto Rico are handling “Health and Welfare” traffic. To develop this skill, Hawaii Amateurs will deliver the simulation information by any of four ways.

  1. Using Pactor or Winmor HF communications to a mainland Winlin RMS Gateway
  2. Using Pactor or Winmor HF communications to a Hawaii Winlink RMS Gateway capable of HF relay to the mainland
  3. Using Packet VHF HF communications to a Hawaii Winlink RMS Gateway capable of HF relay to the mainland
  4. Using Telnet (Internet) to a Winlink CMS server.

Note: The fourth method does not require a radio configured for digital transmission. It uses a computer configured with Winlink software. The ability to install and use RMS Express will prepare the operator particpating to attain skills necessary to operate a Winlink terminal in an emergency. Hawaii needs more operators with these skills. Please consider paeticpating even if you do not yet have radio equipment that is digital capable.

Click on the links below for details have been prepared for any licensed Amateur who will assist in the SET. If your district is not covered please contact your DEC for instructions on participating or Clem Jung at

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Aloha es 73 de Clem Jung (KH7HO)
ARRL Pacific Section (PACSEC)
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)