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Puerto Rico update received this morning from former Virginia ham, N0CSM. He thanks current Virginia ham Lee Ntwolee for his support of their communication efforts.

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We continue supporting officials here in Puerto Rico and the teams have been reduced to single operators in the field to support hospitals and fire stations. I believe everyone in the field is being accommodated in either a fire department (Bomberos) as we were in Mayaguez or in a hospital as I am now. We are running the legs off of the Winlink system and a few days ago, I was having trouble connecting when one of my old favorites came through! N2LEE there in Northern Virginia came through loud and clear for me.

The Winlink team has been very supporting of our efforts by making several gateways private or EMCOM, turning beams our direction, increasing the power output of some stations, offering suggestions for better operations, they created an NCS Winlink address so that the rotating position for NCS wasn’t tied to a single operator and, they created a form for us after a specific format was developed for the field deployed operators to use for request.

The local ham radio community is coming back to life, several repeaters are now back on the air and we have pretty good coverage with about a 1/2 dozen VHF repeaters and, from what I can tell, two UHF repeaters. Prior to coming down, I programmed my HT with all of the KP4 repeaters and I sit outside and scan for a little while each day. Doing so, I’ve been able to provide feedback to our NCS station to update the ICS-205.

Okay, this has gotten long enou

gh so I’ll sign off for now. I hope Nate isn’t dropping too much rain on all of you. My little brother lives down in Mobile Alabama and apparently, they got several feet of flood water at his QTH. Thankfully, his house is up on stilts so they just pretended to be on a houseboat for a few hours.

Craig McVeay
“Force of 50 (22 on station), Puerto Rico”