2018-10-04: The publication of the previous SET notice included erroneous Winlink tactical calls for the County and State simulations.

The SET announcement will be published again with the correct table but to expedite action here are the correct tactical calls.  Please share this correction to any stations that plan to use Winlink to pass messages to county or state Winlink stations.

These addresses are tested and operational.  You can send traffic now and messages will be replied to:

Phone Station Winlink Express To Address
Hilo EOC (AC7N) ARES-Hilo
Maui EOC (AD6E) ARES-Maui
Kauai EOC (NH7YS) ARES-Kauai

The revised SET announcement will include ICS 205 forms (simplex operating frequencies, NO REPEATERS) for each of the nine districts.  We have 205’s from a few Districts and will work with you to develop one if you need assistance.

For the volunteers as acting DECs – we will be in touch with you for assistance.   Look for a revised SET announcement tomorrow.  The sample messages in the announcement are ICS 213 forms that are part of the Winlink program.  Even if a station is not using Winlink to pass digital traffic, the template can be useful to create messages for voice or other modes.