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E Komo Mai!

Welcome to the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Pacific Section blog site. Our vision is to expand the network of active radio amateurs throughout the our Pacific Section.  Our mission is to develop a sustaining ‘community of engagement’ in ham radio communication.  Our goal is to educate and engage our community about the benefits of amateur radio operation.  Our objectives are to increase community awareness of the value of amateur radio, actively recruit & mentor new hams, facilitate access to training & education venues, provide the most current information about rules & tech changes, encourage participation in events & simulations (including public service and emergency communication), and arrange regular networking opportunities so that new and experienced hams can develop and sustain their skills. Our strategies include utilizing available media channels for advertising, maintaining a presence at community preparedness events, and training & empowering existing members to recruit, welcome and mentor new hams.

We’re continually developing our volunteer partnerships with public service organizations and we encourage you to do the same. We’ll be providing information from at least the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), American Red Cross (ARC), National Weather Service (NWS) SKYWARN weather spotters and from individual community emergency preparedness organizations.

Find us on Facebook at: HawaiiARRL (  and on Twitter at: @PAC_SECTION.  Get involved and get on the air!

73 & Aloha,

Joe Speroni, Pacific Section Manager  (AH0A)                                                                            Claire Santos, Public Information Officer (KH6YO)

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