WEEK 5 – My Experience


Mini-Paddle from Palm Radio

Well we are over half way through the Alphabet and I feel good with all so far except R, D, W, and U. I keep plying those over and over and over and still have a hard time when they are formed into words.

The letters for session 5 is M, W, 3, 6, and the ?.

I am having a hard time getting motived today and I’m getting a lot of distractions for property owners and tenants with tax time coming up and trying to run a business. Oh yea I remember us talking about making excuses instead of making Morse code a PRIOROTY. Sounds like I am making excuses.

I’ve been practicing sending more today with a little pocket keyer (Palm Keyer) and a Ultra PicoKeyer, (Morse Code Memory Keyer). I like it but the volume is really low so I use headphones and sit in my chair and pound away.


Ultra PicoKeyer

As I started practicing again…….there was a CW contest on Saturday 14 January 2017 and as I was listening I started to pick out familiar letters and that got me excited and motivated me to practice more. Hey what’s going on here, am I starting to copy code?

TIP: Find something that motivates you and do it! It could be a saying you tape to the wall or it could be a friend that challenges you, whatever works. I changed the screen on my IPhone to a keyer so when I open up my phone I see the keyer photo. This blog helps as well. I have to keep going so I can finish this series!

I really did not want to practice today. I’m tied, busy, and lazy!  Those are excuses and I made myself get in a better mood and listen for 30 minutes. I moved the Farnsworth speed up to 10 during my second practice session of Lesson 5 today. There is a better rhythm to it but in realty I think it is the same because the letters are still at 20 but at 10 Farnsworth they are closer together. The A and N’s sound easier for me at 20 and 10.  It made me concentrate harder and I had to replay them a few times but I did figure them out. Still the U, W, R, and D are causing me issues. I went back and looked at my notes for the 2016 class and those are some of the letters I had problem with then as well. I found I was too fast on thinking I had a word, for example the word TOW was sent. I got the T and O and figured the word was TOM. Then the next word was TOWER and I got all of it on the first try except the R and I had written it down and couldn’t think of what the word was. I think the next word should be FRUSTRATED! I can do this and I just have to keep practicing and try to stay as positive as possible.

Life happens and I had a bad day today. I was also painting a rabbit hutch, got lazy, knock over a bucket of paint then my phone rang and the door bell rang at the same time. I forgot to start the BBQ today on time and I was supposed to smoke a piece of meat and now dinner will be late. If it can go wrong then it did for me today. No excuses, just calm down and then practice. So I did, I waited about an hour and started back practicing at 20 WPM and 10 Farnsworth and keep playing U, W, R, and D over and over again. Is it coincidence that each one of those letters have 3 symbols in them?

I’m just not getting anything tonight. I went back to a 5 Farnsworth and I’m still missing a lot of letters I usually have been getting right. I know I do have times where it seems like I am starting all over again and those are the times I have to take a time out and remind myself that this is normal and it happens and to just take a break and come back to the lesson later. Soooo… that’s what I am going to do. I am done for tonight. I will listen on my IPhone laying in bed to the U, W, R, and D to see if that helps. I play one letter for about 5 minutes and then pick another one. I can’t understand why those 4 letters are kicking my butt. I use a program called Hamlog (73).It was free when I got it years ago and now it cost .99 cents. (I am not associated with the developer in anyway.) It’s an app for logging contacts but I only use the tools as it has a CW Generator and also a CW Helper. The helper lets you pick a letter and keep playing it every time you touch it. The Generators lets you type in letters and it will play them once you hit the play button. You can space them out to get the Farnsworth distance you need. So I put U, W, R, and D in the Generator and keep hitting play. Maybe I will wake up one morning and it will have set in my head and I will know them. At least that is my hope. What a day! I’m going to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Practice day and session day. I am still having issues with D, R, W, and U. I keep playing them over and over to the expense that I’m have not been practicing the words. I am know getting worried that if I can’t get these letters it is going to be hard to keep up with the class. So before this class I set the WPM at 20 and the Farnsworth at 20. Yes I know call me crazy. I just played the letters at this setting and am no where near ready to play words at this speed. Strangley, maybe just of this session the letters have a better rhythm to them. W W W W W W W W over and over again at 20 and 20.

Skype can be as problematic as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!  I spent 30 minutes trying to connect and could not get into the class tonight. I worried how that is going to impact my progress as I have no one to practice with except myself. So no session 5 for me tonight. I hate to leave everyone in limbo but I don’t know what is going on but I’m sure it will work itself out somehow.

Until next time, Aloha and 73!

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